Managed App Service

As experts in the secure use and operation of mobile apps in companies, we support you in the integration and configuration of your Android and Apple apps. Thanks to our many years of experience with many satisfied customers, we are also at your disposal for the regular maintenance of your mobile apps. This means you can count on the secure use of your apps at all times and ensure access to your company data.

Why Nomasis Managed App Service?


To access company data with your mobile devices, you need apps from the official Apple or Google AppStores or apps that you have developed yourself (in-house). Apps developed in-house in particular require regular maintenance work, which can be very time-consuming and requires appropriate experience and expertise.

With our Managed App Service, we proactively assist you with all maintenance work and support for your mobile apps. We ensure that your apps are always up to date and that your employees have round-the-clock access to your company data.

This means you can concentrate on your core tasks and count on the secure and flawless operation of your mobile apps.

How does the Nomasis Managed App Service work?


The individual components and interfaces are defined and documented in the initial project based on the specific customer requirements.

Our service offers the following components and interfaces:

Nomasis Managed App Service



The Nomasis Managed App Service aims to ensure the support, maintenance and operation of your mobile company apps. The service includes the following activities relating to your Android and iOS apps:


Reactive Support

Nomasis App Support guarantees the customer telephone and e-mail support with defined response and intervention times by means of an SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Proactive Maintenance

With our maintenance services, we ensure that your apps and the potential server infrastructure are always up to date and operated according to best practices. With our regular health checks, we continuously check your apps in order to recognise any problems at an early stage and plan any necessary updates and transfer them to change management.

Proactive Lifecycle Management

Our lifecycle management guarantees the seamless operation of your apps. As part of app signing, the signature (certificate) is renewed annually before expiry. In the event of updates (changes) to your apps, we support you in testing and distributing the new version to your end devices.

Proactive Compliance Management

With our compliance management, we ensure that the apps used comply with the applicable usage guidelines and coding best practices. In addition, we proactively inform you about new findings or app development guidelines from the manufacturer. We also provide you with regular reports on the compliance status of your apps.

Quarterly Service Meetings

Our efficient service meetings provide you with an up-to-date overview of the lifecycle and compliance status of your app landscape. Upcoming updates to your apps are discussed and planned with you. The rest of the time, you don’t have to worry about anything and we take care of all the agreed tasks for you. With our Managed App Service, we guarantee you smooth operation and ensure the IT security of your mobile apps.

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