Managed Device Service

As certified mobile device experts, we provide you with comprehensive support in the procurement, integration, operation and maintenance of Apple (iPhone, iPad, macBook) and Android devices. With us, you get everything from a single source and can therefore rely on a single partner for your mobile device fleet and all associated tasks.

Why Nomasis Managed Device Service?


The procurement and operation of mobile devices in companies involves many departments and employees and absorbs a lot of time and internal resources in evaluation, logistics and distribution. In addition, relationships with several external partners must be maintained and cultivated.

The Nomasis Managed Device Service provides you with comprehensive support for your mobile device fleet and takes care of the entire lifecycle and fleet management. Efficient and competent, everything from a single source: from procurement and operation to decommissioning and recycling.

As certified experts in the corporate use of mobile devices, you can also benefit from our expertise in support, maintenance and operation in the following areas:

  • UEM/MDM infrastructures
  • Microsoft EM+S (Intune)
  • App management
  • End-user support
  • Cyber Security

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How does the Nomasis Managed Device Service work?

The individual components and interfaces are defined and documented in the initial project based on the specific customer requirements.

Our service offers the following components and interfaces:

Nomasis Managed Device Service



The Nomasis Managed Device Service aims to support you from a single source with the procurement, lifecycle and fleet management of your Apple (iPhone, iPad, macBook) and Android devices. The service includes the following activities relating to your mobile device fleet:



Nomasis takes care of the procurement of your devices. Whether purchasing, renting or leasing (DaaS), we have solutions for all forms of procurement and take care of the logistics, zero-touch integration into your UEM/MDM system and the distribution of devices to your users.


Fleet management

Existing customers also count on us when it comes to SIM & subscription management with the provider of their choice for their smartphones or tablets. We are no strangers to porting, new subscriptions or subscription upgrades.


Lifecycle management

During the lifecycle of a mobile device, a wide variety of tasks need to be performed. The devices and apps need to remain up-to-date, one or other device needs to be repaired, is lost or the device is outdated and needs to be replaced with a new model. We ensure seamless operation, provide users with replacement devices if necessary and take care of professional decommissioning and recycling at the end of the lifecycle.


Quarterly service meetings

Our efficient service meetings provide you with an up-to-date overview of your device fleet, its lifecycle status and ticket enquiries from your employees. Upcoming orders, distributions and device replacements are discussed and planned with you. The rest of the time, you don’t have to worry about anything and we take care of all the agreed tasks for you.

With our Managed Device Service, we guarantee the smooth and up-to-date operation of your device fleet.

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