Managed End-User Service

As experts with many years of experience, we support your employees in the use of mobile devices in companies. Our helpdesk and support team is available to your users directly and personally for enquiries relating to onboarding, repairs, loss or application problems.

Why Nomasis Managed End-User Service?


The use of mobile devices outside of the Windows environment can pose major challenges for the internal helpdesk in your own company. The relevant skills and resources are often lacking or lost.

As certified experts in the corporate use of mobile devices and UEM/MDM infrastructures, you can count on our expertise for the entire multi-OS support.

Existing customers appreciate our company-specific and user-oriented approach in combination with our expertise, which is always kept up to date through continuous training. This allows your company’s internal helpdesk to concentrate on their core competences and we take over the support of your entire mobile device fleet.

In addition, we offer our courteous and professional service in German, French, Italian and English, guaranteeing a personalised user experience for your employees.

How does the Nomasis Managed End-User Service work?


The individual components and interfaces are defined and documented in the initial project based on the specific customer requirements.

Our service offers the following components and interfaces:

Nomasis Managed End-User Service



The Nomasis Managed End-User Service aims to provide your employees with comprehensive support for the corporate use of mobile devices and to relieve your internal helpdesk and support organisations.


End-user Support for Support Cases

We provide your employees with reactive support in support cases. Enquiries can be made by telephone or via e-mail ticket.


End-user Support during Onboarding

We support your new employees in registering their mobile device or existing employees in replacing outdated or defective devices.


End-user Support in the event of Repairs or Loss

In the event of a defect or loss, we take care of organising the repair and replacement of the mobile device.


Service Meetings

Our efficient service meetings provide you with an up-to-date status and statistics on your employees’ support cases. We also proactively inform you about possible process optimisations relating to service and your device fleet. The rest of the time, you don’t have to worry about anything and we take care of all the agreed tasks for you.


With our Managed End-User Service, we guarantee you user-friendly support.

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