Managed UEM Service

As experts in the support, maintenance and operation of UEM/MDM systems, we offer comprehensive support for your UEM infrastructure as part of our Managed UEM Services. This ensures that your UEM infrastructure is up and running without downtime, remains up to date and meets the latest security requirements. This allows you to optimise your internal resource planning and schedule it for other tasks and projects.

Why Nomasis Managed UEM Services?


With a UEM or MDM system, you always have your mobile device fleet under control and support your end users in their daily work with appropriate apps, configurations and guidelines and guarantee smooth lifecycle management. In addition, the UEM infrastructure forms the basis for the secure and efficient operation of mobile devices.


The maintenance and operation of a UEM infrastructure and the device fleet requires expertise and resources that are often lacking in companies. A lack of maintenance and control creates vulnerabilities that can be exploited by potential attackers.


With this service, we proactively support your UEM and MDM infrastructure through appropriate support, maintenance and operation. Thanks to our many years of experience in this area and the continuous training and development of our experts, you can benefit from our expertise and expect your UEM infrastructure to run smoothly.

How does the Nomasis Managed UEM Service work?


The individual components and interfaces are defined and documented in the initial project based on the specific customer requirements.

Our service offers the following components and interfaces:

Managed UEM Service



The Nomasis Managed UEM Service aims to ensure the support, maintenance and operation of your UEM infrastructure. The service includes the following activities relating to your UEM infrastructure, device fleet and end users:


Reactive Support

Nomasis UEM Support guarantees the customer telephone and e-mail support with defined response and intervention times by means of an SLA (Service Level Agreement).


Proactive Maintenance

With our maintenance services, we ensure that your system is always equipped with the latest version, which has been checked by us. Your certificates are renewed before they expire and upcoming changes are planned and implemented. With our regular health checks, we check your UEM infrastructure to identify any problems at an early stage.


Proactive Lifecycle Management

Our lifecycle management guarantees the smooth operation of your device fleet. We ensure that the devices used comply with the applicable deployment guidelines and you receive regular reports on device and lifecycle status.


Proactive Compliance Management

With our compliance management, we contact the affected employees directly in the event of policy violations or other important service information and support them in solving and rectifying the problem. In addition, we adjust the corresponding guidelines, group memberships, settings or configurations in consultation with the customer if necessary, if we become aware of any findings or new updates from the manufacturer.


Quarterly Service Meetings

Our efficient service meetings provide you with an up-to-date status of your UEM infrastructure, device fleet, support cases and upcoming updates and changes. The rest of the time, you don’t have to worry about anything and we take care of all the agreed tasks for you.


With our Managed UEM Service, we guarantee you smooth operation and ensure the IT security of your UEM infrastructure and device fleet.

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